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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, it's been a LONG time since I wrote anything on this blog!  Wow.  We've been busy and having fun in our new city, New Orleans.  Technically, we live in Belle Chasse on the Navy base but we are only 20 minutes from NOLA so it's just as accurate. 

We have visited a lot of the city, not nearly half of it but we've been to the Zoo a few times, the Aquarium a few times, walked downtown during the day and afternoon and just shopped.  It's really nice to shop any store we want, even if we don't buy anything since living in Paris means you have to travel at least an hour to get to the bigger stores. 

Emma has a babysitter, Marica, who is a Corpsman at the clinic Byron works at.  She is really sweet and loves spending time with Emma.  Having her allows Byron and I to go out on dates and just spend time together.  We've been to the movies, out to dinner, we've gone downtown and rode in horse drawn carriages and eaten at Cafe Du Monde.  It's so nice to experience this city with him.  I really love the area, for the most part.  The ONLY thing I don't like about NOLA and surrounding areas is the drivers.  I have NEVER seen drivers like the people in NOLA.  I literally got run off the road yesterday with my rims hitting the sidewalk because people here just cut you off and keep on going.  Speeding here is crazy and nobody seems to care if they run up on your bumper.  Think of the worst driving experience you've had in a city and double it.  The roads aren't very good either, with lots of bumps and hills right in the roads and Byron says all I do is complain about the roads.  It's true!

We've traveled some for Byron's career, to Denver CO and to Pensacola FL.  It's been fun to be able to go with him while he has things to complete and we know we are lucky to be able to do that.  I'm glad Emma is getting to experience things that she might not have if we hadn't come back into the military.  I say we a lot when I talk about the military because really, he's the one with the career here but we are in it with him.  There are so many resources for military spouses and I've really invested in them.  I'm reading books and learning I'm not alone in some of my feelings.  When Byron was in the Navy before, we lived off base so I really didn't get the military wife experience.  I'm getting it now! 

Most of you know that Byron will be deploying next year.  I can't say where or when but if you'd like to know, text me and I'll let you know!  It's not exactly safe to send this info over the internet. Byron will be gone for a few months and we are as prepared for this as we can be.  I've learned things I need to know and activities that will be good for Emma and I to do when he's gone.  He will be participating in a medical/humanitarian mission and I'm so proud of him.  He really is amazing.  I'm proud to be a part of this Navy and his career.  IA (individual augmentees or deployments) is part of what Byron needs to do in the Navy and we were prepared for this before he signed his contracts.  I didn't think it would be so soon but we are doing well so far.  I know it will be an adjustment and we will all struggle sometimes but we all have such wonderful support, I know we'll be fine! 

We have a wonderful church family and they are all really sweet to us.  We've jumped in with both feet and will be helping with activities as much as we can.  The preacher and his wife, Scott and Melissa Cain, have 3 boys and Emma calls them "my boys".  One of them is my youngest nephew's age and is Emma's buddy.  They "run" together at church and since Emma is the only girl there all the time, it's fun to see her interact with the boys.  She, at this point, only has boy cousins  that she's been around most of the time so  she tries to tackle the boys at church like she does with her BB and Cameron but sometimes it's not as successful and I have to remind her that not all boys like to be tackled.  Melissa teaches her boys that girls are "delicate" which I think is precious but we all know Emma isn't delicate all the time :)  The eldership at this church is very supportive and involved and I appreciate them so much.  It almost makes me sad to know that we will be only be here 3 years because of the relationship we are forming with the church folks here. 

Ok, I've rambled enough and I know I need to add pictures but honestly, most of you are facebook friends and I add pictures there all the time :)