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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi-dee! Update on our crazy life!

I fully intended to keep up with this blog and write it in at least happens.  We settled in NOLA pretty well and have really enjoyed this past year.  Officially, we've been in LA a little over a year.  Byron was sent on an IA (Individual Augmentee) which is basically a deployment, just with another group of Navy, instead of his home base.  He was gone 8 months and got home in August! He wasn't in major danger but it was still nerve-wracking and I'm glad it's over.  Who knows when another trip like that will happen...and it will.  We just don't know when.

Emma and I have amazing support from our church family and our earthly family.  Degaulle Dr. church of Christ is a mix of funny, precious, sweet people who really took are of us and made us laugh. New Orleans is an amazing, colorful place. We are really blessed to be here and experience so much.  We've ridden in horse-drawn carriages, eaten more beignets than any one person should and loved this Cajun-French culture. 

Emma just had to have some dental work, which I'm just going to have to get over. She did fine, I was a nutcase the whole time. She's got to have some more but at least it's only teeth and not something more serious. Yes, I'm concerned that people will see the silver in her mouth and quietly judge me but I'm glad that we are fixing the problems now and she can have super strong, healthy adult teeth.

Byron and I are doing pretty well, he's busy with work and I'm busy with doctorate work.  We have a couple vacations planned (Disney with the kiddo and a cruise, just for the two of us).  We really enjoy spending time with our church family, made some wonderful friends and I'm just excited to know we have the hope of spending eternity with such funny, wonderful people.  I'm happy, Byron's happy and Emma's happy!  Life is good.