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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love Navy Wives (and all military wives for that matter)

Goodbye Dreadful Week,  I hope I never see you again!

After Byron left on Saturday, I was sad.  Emma  got a little virus/cold on Monday night/Tuesday morning and then I got the house up on the market on Friday.  It's been a super busy week and one I hope stays in the past.

We (Mom and I) travel to Belle Chasse on Tuesday to  sign the lease for housing on Wednesday.  I called the Navy Lodge to make sure our reservations were ok and lo and behold, there are no reservations!!  The very nice lady tells me that there is no way for me to stay on base or get on base without a military ID.  I tell her the situation about our new military life and she says sorry, you won't be able to get on base.  I call the housing office on base and they are closed until Monday (I verified this with the phone guy) and I begin to start freaking out.  The housing person, Kim, told me weeks ago that all I'd need is Byron's orders to get on base.  I'm totally confused at this point and where do I turn?  Trusty ol' Facebook!  I post a little something about being frustrated and get lots of helpful comments.  My favorite comment is from a person I haven't met yet in person.  I met her through the NAS JRB Belle Chasse facebook page and she has befriended me, giving me helpful tips about living on base, etc.  She comes to my rescue, telling me her husband works in the ID office and gives me his information to be able to talk to him personally to get on base and an ID.  Now, tell me God isn't working in my favor today.  I know He's always working my favor and always listening to my heart. 

I burst into tears after reading my friends message and all I could say was, "Thank you God, Thank you God!" over and over.  After this stressful week, I think we may be turning the corner. I've been pretty tough this week, not crying at all but I couldn't help it.  I know I'm going to have to suck it up and be tough as Byron's wife and Navy wife in this life.  Things are going to happen that I won't like and that I won't understand but I know that if I keep working and praying that God will take care of us all.  Amazing, amazing answers to my prayers. 

Keep Byron in your prayers as well.  He's having a tough week getting back into the swing of things.  I know he's pretty tough but I also know he's under a great amount of stress, and missing us just like we miss him. 

In my best French, "À Dieu soit la gloire, de grandes choses qu'il a fait!"

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Byron's on his way.  I probably shouldn't be announcing that but he'll be in Newport tomorrow to start Officer Development School (a refresher on being in the Navy) and he'll be there for 5 weeks.  We've Skype'd already today and it was nice.  Made me miss him more.  Emma seems to be doing ok, liked seeing Daddy on the "puter" and laughed and smiled.  We told her he's at work and he is. 

In my missing him, I can't help but think of the men and women who are deployed for months and missing their families.  Deployments are part of Navy life, war or no war.  It's what they do, those wonderful Sailors.  I really am proud of Byron and what he is doing for his future and ours.  Things may be difficult here and there but you know, I think God...I know God has his hand in this.  We all prayed for God to lead us where we needed to wasn't another job, it wasn't medical school, it wasn't more babies, but it was the Navy.  So, we believe we are right where we are supposed to be.  Don't you wonder sometimes what and how God directs your life?  I mean, I know He does but wow...sometimes, well, most of the time, I don't understand why or how.  I just know that I feel something inside of me that tells me God is in control and taking care of us. He always has, he's always taken care of my family and the people I love.  It's amazing, God's love.

Ok, so yes, I miss him very much.  I think this 5 weeks will be tough but we will be busy and I just know this house will sell in a week, right?! ;)  Yeah, right.  I hope it sells fast but I will miss our house.  It is the place we brought our Emma and I'll always love the house that covered us. Thank you Byron for creating this life for us, for our family.  We are blessed.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Where I confess...and a little about FHU

With moving time coming faster and faster, I've been praying a lot more lately.  I've always grown up knowing to pray and how to pray and going to a Christian college helped me grow spiritually.  I think somewhere between graduation and now, I've lost a little of my pathway to God.  It's not that I've veered off considerably or anything but not being constantly in a Christian environment changes a person, I think.  Maybe it's just me.  I always felt like FHU was a picture of what Heaven was going to be like because of the people I was surrounded by, the chapel singings, the fellowship, the fun.  I prayed a lot at FHU, sometimes out of joy and sometimes out of worry. 

I find myself praying out of nervousness and worry more now than then.  I've heard many of my friends say they have their faith because their parents had their faith and it's just what you did and one day, they realized they needed to be on their own path to God, instead of their parents path.  I think I'm just now, at 35 years old, figuring out how to get my path started.  Maybe it has more to do with Emma and wanting to lead her the right way and hoping she doesn't do the same things I've done in my life.  I have a big mouth and it gets me trouble, although much less trouble these days than when I was FHU.  I hope Emma is more like her Daddy :) 

I've never been the picture of the Virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, although I'd love to be.  I mean, I only became a better wife and mother after several years of working at it.  I never just fell right into the best wife or mother role without a lot of mistakes and working on it.  It's all caught up to me and I love it.  I want to do better and be better and I'm trying.  If you've never made a big change or haven't made a change lately to shake you out of your comfort zone, try it.  You might be surprised to see what happens.

Back to FHU, I love that place.  I love that many of the friends I knew then are now on Facebook and we can talk and be a little closer than we were then.  A very good friend of mine once told me she was "scared" to talk to me at FHU because I seemed very confident and very in control of everything around me.  I think I still have some confidence but I hope I'm a little nicer than I was then.  If I was rich woman, I would pay the tuition for any girl who wanted to attend FHU, only because of the joy I received from going there. 

I know I've rambled and this doesn't have much to do with the Navy or our family but I hope that my little rant will get me where I need to be in my Christian life, my role as a wife and mom and a better example.  Love you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We have an address...

I just hounded the very sweet lady, Kim, at the housing place in Louisiana for two days until she called me back.  Side note: Kim, after me saying we lived in West TN, asked what city we lived in.  I told her Paris and she said she and her husband just moved from a place called Buchanan where her husband was stationed with the Coast Guard.  Her statement was, "nice little town, but we don't hunt and fish so it really wasn't for us." :)  Back to the story:  I called twice yesterday and 3 times today. 

All for an address.  It's something I needed to feel like this is real.  I'll sign the papers in June, move in June/July to this new address.  Clinging to this life in Paris, TN and stretching to Belle Chasse, LA will be something momentous and yet I'm so nervous to start all over in a new city.  It takes me back to when we first were married and living in NC.  I wanted to leave our street to go to town but had no idea where town was and no idea how to get there or back home if I made it to town.  Could've used a GPS back then.  :)  I called my MOMMA every day to ask a question or just tell her how the jets flew over the house and rattled the pictures.  I cooked Byron's first meal of Mac and Cheese and called it dinner.  I was so excited to live with my new husband and be a part of this history of ours and yet so tied to home.  I guess I will always be.  Now we move to LA from TN and with my husband of 10 years and my 3 year old daughter (who has now decided to call me MOM), we will start a new part of our history.  I'm excited and yet still so tied to Paris because our families live here.  Did I tell you the name of the street?


Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving news!!

We talked to the housing office in New Orleans today and I get the pleasure (truly it is a pleasure) to go to Belle Chasse on June 1st and sign the lease and paperwork!  We are getting the biggest townhouse they have, which is 1690 sq ft.  It has a balcony off the master bedroom and a small fenced back yard with an attached garage.  It's new and nice.  We're excited!  If you'd like to see pictures of the smaller house, they have a facebook page...Patrician Military Housing.  The house we get is bigger and the pictures of this show the smaller version.

Byron will still be in school during this and we hope to move before he graduates.  He wants to check in July 1st so I guess the plan is to be officially in Louisiana by July 1st! 

I also have to say that yesterday, when we heard Bin Laden was dead, Byron just knew it was the Navy Seals and he was right!  He is a proud member of a group that keep this country safe.  I am proud to be a Navy wife, supporting those men and women who serve us, doing things that we can't even fathom doing.  Think about the sacrifices they make every day.  Thanks to God for protecting and taking care of our military and families!