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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yard sale or Not to Yard it even a question?

I hate yard sales. I know hate is a strong word but I do. I hate them.

I find no joy in rummaging through other people's belongings and trying to buy something that is worth $20 for $5. I don't even like having my own yard sales. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the money the yard sales bring but I don't enjoy people (i.e. frequent yard salers) who will go through my things, look at them with a look of contempt and then tell me instead of the reasonable price of $1, they'll give me a quarter. I want to yell "PAY AS MARKED OR GO AWAY!" I promise I like people, just not at yard sales. I just don't like to haggle or bargain or be bargained with.

This is why I'm having a free "come get our stuff"...thing. There is home decor, mostly. You are welcome to come visit and take a look. I promise it's free to a good home. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey y'all! I wanted to thank anyone who has clicked on the ads! It sounds weird I know but I've had 5 clicks and I made $3.23! Thank you, thank you!!!

I wanted to give some details...It looks as if we'll move in June. Byron goes to ODS soon and without giving too many dates, we'll get it all set up and be in New Orleans in the middle of summer! Hot. Did I mention I don't do well in hot? Hot weather makes me grumpy and sweaty...neither thing I really like to be. I am trying to manage the thoughts of it and know that I will survive :) We will be living in military housing and it sounds nice.

I'm excited for Emma to experience this life. When Byron was in the Navy before, we had so many friends from all races and cultures. From Micronesia to Guam and Korea and people from all over the U.S. It was really cool and we've kept in touch with most of them. I want Emma to know NO racism, to love all people and not be taken in by stupidity. I want her to experience coming home with such excitement about her life and be so excited to see our families. I want her to see things I've never seen and do things I've never done. We just have so much hope and excitement.

And it doesn't hurt that we will be near the New Orleans Saints!!!

Sometimes I get really sad....thinking about Tim George and thinking about my parents and their problems. I get angry but then it goes back to sad. It's no fair and no fun. When I think Satan is winning, God reminds me He's in control and I just pray that everything works out for my parents and that Tim's family is comforted somehow. It's all too scary. I have to let God in and let him control my fears. I have to.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movin' so many ways

Hey y'all! Today we really started cleaning, throwing things out, going through memories and dividing things up for people who've mentioned they want our stuff ;) On a side note, if you will please click on one of the ads on this blog, I'd love you for it. It earns us pennies and it will help us along the way. It's a very tiny way I can contribute and if you just click quickly, you don't even have to read what you've clicked on! Thanks so much!

It's freeing. It's cathartic. I love getting rid of stuff...when I really have to. I hate to move but luckily, the military will pack up for us. Whew!

Someone I sort of knew from FHU died today. He had cancer and his name is Tim George. He is exactly my age, we were born on the same day. We weren't friends but his passing touched me in a way that made me think about how the THINGS we treasure on earth aren't important. It's the lives we touch, the people we love. Oh, how I'll miss our families and friends but I know that we will all see each other again in Heaven. I hope to see Tim George smiling.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pics from Byron's Oath of Office

These are some pics from 4/11/11, when we went to Memphis to meet Chief Gooden to finish up paperwork and for Byron to take his Oath of Office.

Byron's Dad was able to give him the Oath, a very special moment.

Emma had to get in on the action. Loves her Daddy.

Chief Victor Gooden. He and I talked for months while Byron was either at work or sleeping and we were able to get paperwork done. He is a wonderful man!

Byron's Mom, Dad, (brothers) Ronnie and Jimmy. Ronnie's wife Dana and Byron's sister Kim and her husband Daniel weren't able to be there. Our nephews Brandon and Cameron were in school.

My Dad and Mom. My sister, Becky and our nephew Laine weren't able to be there either.

It was a really special day. The Oath of Office is very special and Byron was glad we all could be there. Chief Gooden and the Lieutenant who witnessed his commissioning were also very proud. This whole ceremony brought tears to our eyes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

N'awlins y'all!

Wow, what a long time coming! We are officially back in the Navy.

Some of you knew we were starting this process a long time ago. We kept it to ourselves because we just didn't know how it would turn out. We are supremely blessed to say that Byron's dream of being back in the Navy has come true and he is now Lieutenant Breeding, O3E. He tells people that as soon as I said I was not opposed to going back in, he was ready to sign up!

We are super excited to be stationed in Louisana, Byron's birthplace. We will be stationed at Belle Chasse, LA at the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base. We plan to live in base housing and at this point, I'm glad about that. We'll see. I'm trying to be all Pollyanna about it, so you'll see a lot of the Glad Game in this blog.

Yes, we are moving away from family. Yes, we wonder how Emma will adjust. Yes, we wonder if I will melt in extreme humidity and heat. All these things we will find out. The joy of all this is the not knowing. I like planning and organization but I also like being excited about the future. This is our life. We are living it fully and we love each other and God has been all wrapped in this journey. We have to rely on him 100% to make this all it should be. We have looked at churches (online) and schools (online). We really are ready for a change.

I hope you enjoy this ride we are on.