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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More pictures

I was going to make these pictures in order but this thing is tough so here you go.....not in order of time frames.

Byron found this show on HBO family called "Classical Baby" and Emma LOVES watching them. She will not look away from them and is really interested in the colors and movement. Some are art shows set to classical music, some are actors reading classic poems set to cartoon type shows. This is one the art show.

This is in our back yard! The pond is not ours but we get to look at it. I love this picture because she rarely lays her head like this.

This is after a bath, she loves to be naked (sounds like someone else I know) and just make faces and sounds! It's adorable.

LOVE this picture, Daddy and Emma. She was fussy and we wanted more sleep so we got her out of the crib and put her in bed with us! As you see, she slept just a little longer.

This is Byron's sister, Kim, loving on Emma!

This picture cracks me up because she looks exactly like Byron!! So funny!

We were sitting on our back porch here and she loves to lay on the chair and just kick and kick!

Another back yard pic, she tries SO hard to hold her head up. I call this the "Big girl pic".

Big smile after bath and hair sticking up everywhere!

This is Kim's son, our nephew, Brandon. What a cheeser! He loves holding and helping with Emma!

This is my sister, Becky! Love this pic.

This is funny. Abby, our cat, feels left out sometimes so Byron was feeding Emma sitting on the floor and Abby climbed on top of Emma's lap and laid down!

Another after bath pic!

This is bath time....she likes the baths. They seem to sooth her.

How good at this we are now....not when this pic was taken. These bath pics are her first bath tub pics. We used to just lay her on some towels in the floor and wash her with a bowl of water. It was just easier because she was so tiny. I realize that 8 lbs 12oz is not tiny but to us she was so fragile.

Bath pic

Washing her hair.

Ok, I will post more pics when I have some time! Enjoy!

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Wendy said...

what a cutie pie!!! Keep 'em coming! So.... when is the trip to Texas planned?? ;)