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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Byron graduates from Officer Development School on Friday!!  Mom, Emma and I are flying out to Rhode Island Thursday and Byron and I will get to have a nice dinner with his class that night and then Mom, Emma, Byron's parents, Jimmy and Brandon will all get to watch him graduate! Long time coming!!! 

We've had some difficulty with getting movers to have an open date to pick up our stuff anytime soon, Byron and I will plan to take beds and other necessities on down to Belle Chasse on the 29th and Emma will join us by the weekend.  Hopefully, the transportation office will be able to nail down a moving company soon!

We had someone look at our house this past Friday and they seemed interested so hopefully we might have a sale soon!  It's gonna be a busy busy month ahead but I'll be so glad for us all to be together and get back to normal!  Whew!!! 

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