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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Did y'all know it was the beginning of Hurricane Season?"

Some of the first words we heard as we (Mom and I) came to Belle Chasse Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base.  My response was about Tornado Season and I'd much rather be in Hurricane Country because you have time to run.

Our time in New Orleans was fun.  The day trip down was easy once we got past Memphis and all it's confusion.  Straight 9 hour trip from Paris, TN to New Orleans LA.  We stayed at a Hampton Inn and Mom likes to say we got propositioned as we pulled into the hotel.  It was more like creepy guys (one young and one old) walking up to the car asking we wanted some Smirnoff from their cooler.  "No thank you" and go away.  They were still outside of the hotel hours later.

These pictures were as we drove over the causeway or whatever it's called....lots of rushing water, I'm assuming from spillways being open.  It was interesting to see anyway.

The Superdome!

The Tallest Bridge I have ever driven over and I didn't like it one bit.  I slide down in the seat like a crazy woman driving across this bridge.  After 4-5 times, I got used to it. Ugh.