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Friday, July 22, 2011 far

Well, we've been here officially about a month!  It's been hot but you know what, I'm pretty used to it.  I never thought I would say that but the heat doesn't really bother me anymore.  I don't stay out in it for hours or anything but at least I have a tan and that hasn't happened in several years!

We have a daily occurrence of jets flying over and afternoon rainshowers.  I love the smell of the rain.

We have a really nice neighbor who brought me some red potatoes yesterday and she and I got to chat some yesterday.  It was nice to talk to an adult!!! Once school gets started, the base will have more programs and things going on for us to do.  We've been to NOLA a few times, the aquarium, the zoo and shopping in Metarie.  Metarie has a wonderful mall and I told Byron if he ever wants to do something really nice for me, he just needs to give me some money and send me to Metarie for the day!

If you read my facebook, you've already seen this pictures but I thought I'd add some just for fun.  :)

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