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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tomorrow, finally, we will have all our "stuff"!  I cannot explain how wonderful it will be to have plates and silverware.  :)

Here's a little thing though:  We have "stuff" in our house here in LA that we needed.  We have exactly what we need (except for laundry machines) but we have clothes, food and shelter.  Isn't that what anyone truly needs on this earth?  We have found a place to worship and we meet with the elders on Sunday.  We are thrilled about that so our earthly life is covered and our spiritual life has found a home as well.  Emma loves it and we are excited to begin working there!

I just erased a little message that was in this spot and I'm glad I did.  I was about to defend my parenting decisions but you know what?  I don't have to defend what I do or don't do for my child.  She is healthy and active and beautiful.  End of rant.

We went to Byron's office yesterday.  Emma was flirted with by some of the medical staff and I told her we'd have to find her a good Navy man.  She just smiled but played shy.  Shy is fine with me until she's 35.  Seriously.

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