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Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny and Sweet

Funny how things change when you have a child. Evidence as follows. Before Emma, I'm not gonna say my house was ever spotless, or even really clean most days, but I did have a somewhat decorated fireplace, and we could use the dvr, tv etc without wondering who pressed a button. Of course, she's facinated with the things she isn't allowed to touch. We did have this play-yard connected into a circle at one point but she just hated it, cried until we took her out. We call this the baby fortress...for the mobile baby. About 1 month into her crawling and me not being able to get ANYTHING done without carrying her to every single place I went, I decided to buy this. It wasn't overly expensive, well worth it's cost and I truly couldn't live without it. Since it surrounds the living room, we, too, are contained with her so she doesn't mind! She has room to crawl and play wherever and Mommy can load the dishwasher or eat 3 chips before Emma has re-arranged our entire entertainment center or caused an electric shock with her never-ending slobber.

Here is a sweet picture of Emma listening to Daddy read to her. She will sit and listen and is very patient most of the time. She is like her momma, loves to read!

This is on our anniversary, Jan 20th and we were going out to eat. I had a necklace on that Emma likes and she was playing with it. She likes to put things over or on her head and she just happened to grab it and put it over her head while I was still wearing it. She doesn't look too happy here, has a little cold but she smiled! :)


The Neely Family said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! I soooooo remember this! I'll have to find a picture of our fortress for Cooper. He didn't really mess with the tv or things he wasn't supposed to, but we had that floor heater, so I searched and searched for a gate I could put around it....and found one. I'm sure next winter we will have to get it out of the attic for Maddie. Too funny!

Becky Welch said...

So glad you have a blog!! I am adding you to my list!! Emma is precious!