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Friday, February 6, 2009

January so far....

I'm waving... :)

Watching Sesame the puppets

Sweet Potato face..

See my teeth??

Reading the book that Blake and Connie gave Emma

I love Daddy...can't you read my shirt?

This is my Laine, well, my sister's Laine. He's my newest nephew and adorable!!!

He makes this face ALOT....isn't he precious?!

We call this face the "Grandma Smith" face, which is my mom's mom. Grandma used to make this face all the time.

Aren't I pretty?

This was in Gatlinburg, our short lived vacation! We at least got to visit the Aquarium before returning home after no sleep :)

MawMaw and Emma

Mommy's first attempt at pigtails...pretty good for my first try..

The many faces of Emma.....

This is my best friend's little man, Blake. When he was a baby, I would go over to Connie's weekly to have my "Blake time". Love this kid.

Hope you enjoy and Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

How sweet these pictures are. Isn't it great you can just make a cd and play it instead of trying to put all those pictures in a book? I know you have that all arranged! Emma is such a doll. I have never seen such a smiling child. How can they just not sleep?We loved seeing you at Christmas and oh, that Laine is growing too fast. Love, Aunt Kyle

Wendy said...

She is so adorable - she looks just like you Nicole!!

She is such a happy baby, and how could she NOT be with such fantastic parents :)