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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love Navy Wives (and all military wives for that matter)

Goodbye Dreadful Week,  I hope I never see you again!

After Byron left on Saturday, I was sad.  Emma  got a little virus/cold on Monday night/Tuesday morning and then I got the house up on the market on Friday.  It's been a super busy week and one I hope stays in the past.

We (Mom and I) travel to Belle Chasse on Tuesday to  sign the lease for housing on Wednesday.  I called the Navy Lodge to make sure our reservations were ok and lo and behold, there are no reservations!!  The very nice lady tells me that there is no way for me to stay on base or get on base without a military ID.  I tell her the situation about our new military life and she says sorry, you won't be able to get on base.  I call the housing office on base and they are closed until Monday (I verified this with the phone guy) and I begin to start freaking out.  The housing person, Kim, told me weeks ago that all I'd need is Byron's orders to get on base.  I'm totally confused at this point and where do I turn?  Trusty ol' Facebook!  I post a little something about being frustrated and get lots of helpful comments.  My favorite comment is from a person I haven't met yet in person.  I met her through the NAS JRB Belle Chasse facebook page and she has befriended me, giving me helpful tips about living on base, etc.  She comes to my rescue, telling me her husband works in the ID office and gives me his information to be able to talk to him personally to get on base and an ID.  Now, tell me God isn't working in my favor today.  I know He's always working my favor and always listening to my heart. 

I burst into tears after reading my friends message and all I could say was, "Thank you God, Thank you God!" over and over.  After this stressful week, I think we may be turning the corner. I've been pretty tough this week, not crying at all but I couldn't help it.  I know I'm going to have to suck it up and be tough as Byron's wife and Navy wife in this life.  Things are going to happen that I won't like and that I won't understand but I know that if I keep working and praying that God will take care of us all.  Amazing, amazing answers to my prayers. 

Keep Byron in your prayers as well.  He's having a tough week getting back into the swing of things.  I know he's pretty tough but I also know he's under a great amount of stress, and missing us just like we miss him. 

In my best French, "À Dieu soit la gloire, de grandes choses qu'il a fait!"

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