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Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey y'all! I wanted to thank anyone who has clicked on the ads! It sounds weird I know but I've had 5 clicks and I made $3.23! Thank you, thank you!!!

I wanted to give some details...It looks as if we'll move in June. Byron goes to ODS soon and without giving too many dates, we'll get it all set up and be in New Orleans in the middle of summer! Hot. Did I mention I don't do well in hot? Hot weather makes me grumpy and sweaty...neither thing I really like to be. I am trying to manage the thoughts of it and know that I will survive :) We will be living in military housing and it sounds nice.

I'm excited for Emma to experience this life. When Byron was in the Navy before, we had so many friends from all races and cultures. From Micronesia to Guam and Korea and people from all over the U.S. It was really cool and we've kept in touch with most of them. I want Emma to know NO racism, to love all people and not be taken in by stupidity. I want her to experience coming home with such excitement about her life and be so excited to see our families. I want her to see things I've never seen and do things I've never done. We just have so much hope and excitement.

And it doesn't hurt that we will be near the New Orleans Saints!!!

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