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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

N'awlins y'all!

Wow, what a long time coming! We are officially back in the Navy.

Some of you knew we were starting this process a long time ago. We kept it to ourselves because we just didn't know how it would turn out. We are supremely blessed to say that Byron's dream of being back in the Navy has come true and he is now Lieutenant Breeding, O3E. He tells people that as soon as I said I was not opposed to going back in, he was ready to sign up!

We are super excited to be stationed in Louisana, Byron's birthplace. We will be stationed at Belle Chasse, LA at the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base. We plan to live in base housing and at this point, I'm glad about that. We'll see. I'm trying to be all Pollyanna about it, so you'll see a lot of the Glad Game in this blog.

Yes, we are moving away from family. Yes, we wonder how Emma will adjust. Yes, we wonder if I will melt in extreme humidity and heat. All these things we will find out. The joy of all this is the not knowing. I like planning and organization but I also like being excited about the future. This is our life. We are living it fully and we love each other and God has been all wrapped in this journey. We have to rely on him 100% to make this all it should be. We have looked at churches (online) and schools (online). We really are ready for a change.

I hope you enjoy this ride we are on.

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