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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yard sale or Not to Yard it even a question?

I hate yard sales. I know hate is a strong word but I do. I hate them.

I find no joy in rummaging through other people's belongings and trying to buy something that is worth $20 for $5. I don't even like having my own yard sales. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the money the yard sales bring but I don't enjoy people (i.e. frequent yard salers) who will go through my things, look at them with a look of contempt and then tell me instead of the reasonable price of $1, they'll give me a quarter. I want to yell "PAY AS MARKED OR GO AWAY!" I promise I like people, just not at yard sales. I just don't like to haggle or bargain or be bargained with.

This is why I'm having a free "come get our stuff"...thing. There is home decor, mostly. You are welcome to come visit and take a look. I promise it's free to a good home. :)

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