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Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving news!!

We talked to the housing office in New Orleans today and I get the pleasure (truly it is a pleasure) to go to Belle Chasse on June 1st and sign the lease and paperwork!  We are getting the biggest townhouse they have, which is 1690 sq ft.  It has a balcony off the master bedroom and a small fenced back yard with an attached garage.  It's new and nice.  We're excited!  If you'd like to see pictures of the smaller house, they have a facebook page...Patrician Military Housing.  The house we get is bigger and the pictures of this show the smaller version.

Byron will still be in school during this and we hope to move before he graduates.  He wants to check in July 1st so I guess the plan is to be officially in Louisiana by July 1st! 

I also have to say that yesterday, when we heard Bin Laden was dead, Byron just knew it was the Navy Seals and he was right!  He is a proud member of a group that keep this country safe.  I am proud to be a Navy wife, supporting those men and women who serve us, doing things that we can't even fathom doing.  Think about the sacrifices they make every day.  Thanks to God for protecting and taking care of our military and families!

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