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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We have an address...

I just hounded the very sweet lady, Kim, at the housing place in Louisiana for two days until she called me back.  Side note: Kim, after me saying we lived in West TN, asked what city we lived in.  I told her Paris and she said she and her husband just moved from a place called Buchanan where her husband was stationed with the Coast Guard.  Her statement was, "nice little town, but we don't hunt and fish so it really wasn't for us." :)  Back to the story:  I called twice yesterday and 3 times today. 

All for an address.  It's something I needed to feel like this is real.  I'll sign the papers in June, move in June/July to this new address.  Clinging to this life in Paris, TN and stretching to Belle Chasse, LA will be something momentous and yet I'm so nervous to start all over in a new city.  It takes me back to when we first were married and living in NC.  I wanted to leave our street to go to town but had no idea where town was and no idea how to get there or back home if I made it to town.  Could've used a GPS back then.  :)  I called my MOMMA every day to ask a question or just tell her how the jets flew over the house and rattled the pictures.  I cooked Byron's first meal of Mac and Cheese and called it dinner.  I was so excited to live with my new husband and be a part of this history of ours and yet so tied to home.  I guess I will always be.  Now we move to LA from TN and with my husband of 10 years and my 3 year old daughter (who has now decided to call me MOM), we will start a new part of our history.  I'm excited and yet still so tied to Paris because our families live here.  Did I tell you the name of the street?


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